Grain- Free Mutton Nom Nom (Subscription)
Grain- Free Mutton Nom Nom (Subscription)
Grain- Free Mutton Nom Nom (Subscription)
Grain- Free Mutton Nom Nom (Subscription)
Grain- Free Mutton Nom Nom (Subscription)
Grain- Free Mutton Nom Nom (Subscription)
Grain- Free Mutton Nom Nom (Subscription)
Grain- Free Mutton Nom Nom (Subscription)

Grain- Free Mutton Nom Nom (Subscription)

Fresh Mutton and nutritious veggies cooked in our signature Bone Broth

Freshly Made
Human Grade
Preservative Free
No Refrigeration
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Free 24-Hour Bone Broth on all orders. 

Free Chicken Jerky Treat worth ₹295 on orders above ₹995. 

Storage & Serving
Nutritional Analysis

Wholesome Mutton Nom Nom contains mutton muscle and organ meat, high-nutrition vegetables, all-natural supplements and brown rice, cooked in bone broth. Together, these ingredients combine to create a fully balanced meal that provides your dogs with all the macro and micro nutrients they need.


Before Opening
Store in a dry, cool place away from direct sunlight. No refrigeration required
After Opening
Store in an air tight container and refrigerate. Consume within 24 hours.

Just cut, pour & serve. Fall in love. Repeat.

Approx. values per 100 grams:
Energy - 129.16 kcal
Protein - 13.06g
Carbohydrates - 7.92g
Fat - 5.42g
Crude Fiber - 1.15g
Also contains Zinc, Iron, Magnesium, Copper, and Vitamins B12, C, A & E



Mutton Organs


Sweet Potato


Green Peas

Coconut Oil

Egg Shells Powder


Bone Broth

Higher Energy Levels

Shinier Coat

Less Smelly Poop

Less Vet Visits

Minimal Processing

100% Natural, Human Grade Ingredients

Soy, Gluten and Sugar Free

No Fillers, Chemicals or Artificial Flavours



Feeding Guidelines

  • Transition to PetChef meals slowly. Start with 25% and increase to 100% over 7 to 10 days.
  • Just cut, pour & serve. Fall in love. Repeat.
  • Transition to PetChef meals slowly. Start with 25% and increase to 100% over 7 to 10 days.

How Does it Stay Fresh?

Pet Chef food is packed using our space-age tech, Retorting, that is used by Astronauts! Through this meticulous process, we stop any microbial growth, halt enzyme activity, and maintain freshness without the need for refrigeration. The result - Our meals boast optimal nutritional content, exquisite taste, and captivating aroma, all achieved without using preservatives.


PetChef was born out of our deep love for our four-legged friends. We believe that they deserve the best and nothing less. That is why our delicious freshly cooked foods are made with the best quality human-grade ingredients and nothing else. You should try a spoonful too! We understand that you want to do what’s best for your dog. This is what inspired us to create PetChef- Food that your dogs totally love and deserve. Or as we say- Unconditional Love Returned!

Dry kibble gained popularity due to its convenience, even though it was never the most nutritious food to feed our pets. Here are facts about kibble:

- The ingredients used are feed-grade, not human grade.- Diseased and discarded animal parts are often used in animal foods.

- There are a lot of preservatives added to the food to increase its shelf life.

- The food is highly processed and loses most of its nutritional value.

- Labels can often be misleading, and give a false impression regarding the quality of food.On the other hand, PetChef meals are made with fresh human-grade ingredients of the best quality, with no preservatives, and are cooked and packed in a way to ensure that all nutrients are preserved. Moreover, they are just as convenient as ordering dry kibble online.

While individual cases may vary, most home-cooked meals do not necessarily contain all the nutrients that make a complete well-balanced wholesome meal for your dogs. Many families also end up giving their pets the same food they cook for themselves, and this contains a lot of ingredients like oil and spices that are not healthy for the pets.PetChef meals are made specifically for pets, keeping in mind all their nutritional requirements. Additionally, all PetChef meals are cooked in Bone Broth, instead of water – a super food for dogs, which can be difficult to cook at home.

Dog Size Per Meal
Small 3-5 kg 150 gms
5-10 kg 200 gms
Medium 10-15 kg 250 gms
15-25 kg 300gms
Large 25-30 kg 350 gms
30-40 kg 400 gms
X-Large 40-45 kg 350 gms
45-55 kg 500 gms

You can feed PetChef meals to your pooches once they turn 4 weeks old. Make sure that you transition them from a liquid diet to solid diet gradually over a period of 10-15 days to ensure a comfortable transition.

We deliver all across the country! Delivery usually takes 1 to 5 days depending on your location.

You can call or whatsapp us on +919136946065 or email us at

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Swati Dhulla
Got what I had expected to get

I am so glad I came across petchef via an instagram ad. Had been looking for a wholesome meal for my underweight, anemic and easily tired doggu, Bam-Bam. The vet had advised switching them to a more well-balanced diet as the home-cooked meal of chicken and rice weren't enough. And I had never fed him outside food. So I was super worried and confused. But when I found out that petchef offers meals that are natural, free of preservatives and sounded pretty good to me.. I am so glad that the grain-free mutton meal fulfilled all expectations... Bam-Bam really enjoyed it and I found his poop unchanged..hoping to see positive effects in his health soon.

Shiv Kataria
Gud job making a full meal

Pumble, my cute beagle, never lets a morsel go. He really enjoys these meals and finds the inclusion of bone broth rather fascinating (can tell from his reaction when I poured from the gift packet of bb over the meal as I had mixed some of his kibble in the meal and wanted to wet it). But later, after consulting with the vet if this meal was good enough for him, she let me know that only the meal with mutton and veggies and made in bone broth was what is called a well balanced need to add kibble..looking at the picture of P's food bowl, she found the consistency also appropriate. So then I started giving him only these meals and he found them filling and tasty.

Amishi Madhavan
No complaints..long time customer!

Been giving this variant of mutton meal to my golden retriever Aristotle for over 2 years now. Never found any leaking pouches. Their save and subscribe offer works very well. First time that Aristotle has stuck with the same type of food for so long. Shows he really luves these meals. They come fresh and natural, almost home-made. Easy to cut, open and serve. Can safely store it in the firdge and they don't stink. He is tochwood doing very well on these meals. From what he was 2 yrs back, massive improvement seen in his weight, coat and energy levels. Very satisfied as vet visits have naturally reduced.

Divya B
Healthy, happy & loving his meals

A few years ago, I discovered PetChef because my dog, Tofu, was a picky eater with a challenging food allergy. Thanks to Nayan and the PetChef team, we found the perfect meals for Tofu, and he’s been thriving ever since! Tofu gets all the nutrition he needs, vet-approved, and is now a happy, energetic pup without any allergy issues. Thank you, PetChef, for keeping Tofu healthy, happy, and loving his meals!

Amolika Madhusudan
Good experience

Glad my sometimes-fussy, sometimes-funny german shephard pet, Yana hasn't yet gone off this healthy diet. Always fresh and never foul smelling (like some commercial food can), this food has a very good consistency and I find that Yana also chows down the soft and well cooked veggies that are in this. I like their packaging and it stays all right after being opened. So I am thinking to opt for the save and subscribe offer.