Freshly Made
Human Grade
Preservative Free
No Refrigeration
Wholesome Chicken Chow
Sale price₹100
Grain-Free Chicken Chow
Sale price₹120
Grain-Free Mutton Nom Nom
Sale price₹155
Wholesome Mutton Nom Nom
Sale price₹135

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Google Reviews

Kavya Pradeepkumar


Sufi has been having PetChef's chicken and mutton grain-free meals for the last one year and he absolutely loves it! Would definitely recommend this to other dog parents

Divya B


Tofu was a picky eater with a challenging food allergy. Thanks to PetChef meals, he’s been thriving ever since! Thank you, PetChef, for keeping Tofu healthy, happy, and loving his meals!

Vidit Chitroda


Bravo & I travel a lot together, and PetChef meals are on the top of our must-have list!

Hitesh Sejpal


Being vegetarians, it was impossible to cook the right meals for Rusty at home. PetChef meals are convenient to store & easy to handle. And Rusty Loves them. Total win-win!