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Chicken Jerky (Pumpkin)
Chicken Jerky (Pumpkin)
Chicken Jerky (Pumpkin)
Chicken Jerky (Pumpkin)
Chicken Jerky (Pumpkin)
Chicken Jerky (Pumpkin)

Chicken Jerky (Pumpkin)

Delicious jerkies made by dehydrating chicken breast strips dipped in pumpkin puree

Freshly Made
Human Grade
Preservative Free
No Refrigeration
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Free 24-Hour Bone Broth on all orders. 

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Storage & Serving
Nutritional Analysis

PetChef’s Pumpkin Chicken Jerky Treat is a high protein- low-calorie treat made up of only two ingredients: Chicken Breast and Pumpkin. It contains no fillers, no animal by-products, no harmful chemicals- just a healthy bite of healthy food.


Before Opening
Store in a dry, cool place away from direct sunlight. No refrigeration required
After Opening
Refrigerate for extended shelf life. Consume within 7 days.

Open & serve. Fall in love. Repeat.

Approx. values per 100 grams:
Energy - 360 kcal
Protein - 69.12g
Carbohydrates - 0.62g
Fat - 5.09g




Guilt-free Snacking

Great for Training

Boosts Energy

Elevate Nutrition Intake

Minimal Processing

100% Natural, Human Grade Ingredients

Soy, Gluten and Sugar Free

No Fillers, Chemicals or Artificial Flavours



Feeding Guidelines

  • Open pack, serve & watch it disappear in no time.
  • Your dog will beg for more. Do not overfeed.
  • Not a substitute for meals. You can sprinkle it on top to entice fussy eaters though.

How Does it Stay Fresh?

Pet Chef food is packed using our space-age tech, Retorting, that is used by Astronauts! Through this meticulous process, we stop any microbial growth, halt enzyme activity, and maintain freshness without the need for refrigeration. The result - Our meals boast optimal nutritional content, exquisite taste, and captivating aroma, all achieved without using preservatives.


PetChef was born out of our deep love for our four-legged friends. We believe that they deserve the best and nothing less. That is why our delicious freshly cooked foods are made with the best quality human-grade ingredients and nothing else. You should try a spoonful too! We understand that you want to do what’s best for your dog. This is what inspired us to create PetChef- Food that your dogs totally love and deserve. Or as we say- Unconditional Love Returned!

Every recipe is formulated in consultation with vets and dog nutritionists to be 100% complete and healthy

You can feed PetChef meals to your pooches once they turn 4 weeks old. Make sure that you transition them from a liquid diet to solid diet gradually over a period of 10-15 days to ensure a comfortable transition.

We deliver all across the country! Delivery usually takes 1 to 5 days depending on your location.

You can call or whatsapp us on +919136946065 or email us at

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