Chicken Gravy (Subscription)
Chicken Gravy (Subscription)
Chicken Gravy (Subscription)
Chicken Gravy (Subscription)
Chicken Gravy (Subscription)

Chicken Gravy (Subscription)

Fresh chicken, nutritious veggies & superfood herbs cooked in our signature Bone Broth

Freshly Made
Human Grade
Preservative Free
No Refrigeration
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Free 24-Hour Bone Broth on all orders. 

Free Chicken Jerky Treat worth ₹295 on orders above ₹995. 

Storage & Serving
Nutritional Analysis

Chicken gravy contains chicken muscle and organ meat, high-nutrition vegetables and all-natural supplements, cooked in bone broth. Together, these ingredients combine to create a fully balanced meal that provides your dogs with all the macro and micro nutrients they need.


Before Opening
Store in a dry, cool place away from direct sunlight. No refrigeration required
After Opening
Refrigerate after opening. Consume within 48 hours.

Open & serve. Fall in love. Repeat.

Perfect for Fussy Eaters

Elevate Nutrition Intake

Add to Kibble,Rice,Roti or serve separately

Minimal Processing

100% Natural, Human Grade Ingredients

Soy, Gluten and Sugar Free

No Fillers, Chemicals or Artificial Flavours



Feeding Guidelines

  • Add to kibble or homemade meal to elevate taste & nutrition
  • Add to rice, roti or oats to make a completely balanced meal
  • Serve seperately for a high nutrition meal

How Does it Stay Fresh?

Pet Chef food is packed using our space-age tech, Retorting, that is used by Astronauts! Through this meticulous process, we stop any microbial growth, halt enzyme activity, and maintain freshness without the need for refrigeration. The result - Our meals boast optimal nutritional content, exquisite taste, and captivating aroma, all achieved without using preservatives.


PetChef was born out of our deep love for our four-legged friends. We believe that they deserve the best and nothing less. That is why our delicious freshly cooked foods are made with the best quality human-grade ingredients and nothing else. You should try a spoonful too! We understand that you want to do what’s best for your dog. This is what inspired us to create PetChef- Food that your dogs totally love and deserve. Or as we say- Unconditional Love Returned!

Gravies gained popularity due to its low-cost & convenience. Here are facts about most gravies:- The ingredients used are feed-grade, not human grade.- Diseased and discarded animal parts are often used in animal foods.- There are a lot of preservatives added to the food to increase its shelf life.- The food is highly processed and loses most of its nutritional value.- Labels can often be misleading, and give a false impression regarding the quality of food. On the other hand, PetChef gravies are made with fresh human-grade ingredients of the best quality, with no preservatives, and are cooked and packed in a way to ensure that all nutrients are preserved. Moreover, they are just as low-cost & convenient as ordering other gravies.

While individual cases may vary, most home-cooked meals do not necessarily contain all the nutrients that make a complete well-balanced wholesome meal for your dogs. Many families also end up giving their pets the same food they cook for themselves, and this contains a lot of ingredients like oil and spices that are not healthy for the pets.PetChef gravies are made specifically for pets, keeping in mind all their nutritional requirements. Additionally, PetChef Chicken Gravy is cooked in Bone Broth, instead of water – a super food for dogs, which can be difficult to cook at home.

Every recipe is formulated in consultation with vets and dog nutritionists to be 100% complete and balanced in terms of all the macro and micro nutrients like proteins, carbs, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, calcium and more.

You can feed PetChef meals to your pooches once they turn 4 weeks old. Make sure that you transition them from a liquid diet to solid diet gradually over a period of 10-15 days to ensure a comfortable transition.

We deliver all across the country! Delivery usually takes 1 to 5 days depending on your location.

You can call or whatsapp us on +919136946065 or email us at

Customer Reviews

Based on 99 reviews
Mayank Jhaveri
Highly recommended

Such an amazing product! My dog loves this!! I would highly recommend this to all the dog daddies and mommies 💯

Kaizad Nair
Such a substantial addition to doggy's diet

I can hardly imagine a better nutrition booster to my doggo Czar's meals. Ever since we started adding this gravy to his meals, he's loving every bite of them. It is perfect in consistency, smells great & the ingredients seem really fresh- even without any preservatives! Serving and storing is as easy as eating for him. 😉🐕‍🦺 We sometimes mix this gravy with rice or roti and the combo works well. We also use it to moisten and healthify his kibble. Since we cannot cook when are travelling, we are planning to try out petchef's meals. As doggo enjoyed this healthy gravy, we are sure the meals will also be a hit with him.

Samantha Sharma
Old doggy's real help

We have a 15 year old Terrier, Terry, who has been having petchef's chicken gravy (mixed with oats) from the past 2 years ago when he started to show his age. The natural, unprocessed chicken and chicken organs and the real veggies, all cooked in their special bone broth have really been doing a good job. Sure, he has to take multiple supplements, bu we are so glad that along with those, he gets natural nourishment from this gravy as well. And their subscribe and save option is really worth opting for. P.S. Thank you so much for that free bone broth! It was a total delght!

Lalita Yogi
Banger's intoduction to wet food was...petchef. So happy!

I hardly thought it possible that he might accept any change to his beloved kibble which is all he eats. But Banger was not really getting any healthier or stronger despite being well fed. Instead, he had started tiring easily. That's when the vet recommended trying out something more nourishing i.e. wet, fresh, food. So that's how we came to know about petchef whose products really are as nutritious as they claim (thank you J. for recommending them)! Banger just LOVED this gravy that we put over his beloved kibble. Its been 7 months now but he tires much less. And now that this gravy (wet food) is a hit with him, we 're planning to try out their meal topper and eventually full meals too.

Padmini Ranganathan
Jack Russell's problem solver

It’s taken me a long time to finally get Jerry, my Jack Russell to not be so fussy and enjoy each meal - thanks are due to this gravy that was a hit with them from the 1st sniff. Rce mixed with this gravy is what they seem to love as the bowl is demolished every time. We loved the personal expert assigned to us upon subscribing. Really helped understand things better.