Your Complete Guide to the PetChef Kitchen & Your Doggo’s Nutrition

Your Complete Guide to the PetChef Kitchen & Your Doggo’s Nutrition

We all know that our dogs love us unconditionally. That is what makes them so very special to us in our lives. But at the same time, we as pet parents, feel a great sense of responsibility to do the very best for them and show them that we too are capable of loving them unconditionally. We, at PetChef, believe that keeping our pooches healthy and happy throughout their lives is one of the best ways to show our love for them, and nutrition forms a big part of making that happen. This is what inspired us to create Pet Chef Meals-our delicious and highly nutritious freshly cooked meals are made with the best quality human-grade ingredients and nothing else. Meals that your dogs totally love and deserve. Or as we say- Unconditional Love Returned!

Knowing the right diet for doggies can be a tough task. Some foods were obvious, like carrots, for example. We bet you know that feeding your doggy carrots is great for their eyes. But additionally, carrots can be your comrades in managing your pooch’s weight and also in making their skin glow? However, did you know that cooking carrots helps provide more nutrients to your doggos than serving them raw? Great, so carrots are good for doggies! But, which other veggies packed the most punch? What proteins and carbs work best for them? Do all the ingredients put together support all the different aspects of your doggy’s health?


We worked hard at solving these problems. We, at PetChef, got together with several vets and nutrition specialists to help us prepare a list of ingredients that would provide all the necessary nutrients for the comprehensive nutritional needs of your dogs. . And, after multiple tests and trials, we finalised a recipe that not only has all the right ingredients, but also the right texture, taste and smell to make sure that your dogs are both healthy as well as happy!

So are you ready to embark on a guided tour of our Kitchen (& your pooch’s nutrition)? 

Then, let us begin with one of our most wholesome and self-contained products:

1. PetChef Meals 

Freshly-made, human-grade, high-protein and low-fat food all of which is cooked in bone broth, PetChef’s Meals contain only the most nutritious and fresh vegetables and all-natural supplements that are free of any preservatives. These Meals can be enjoyed in four fantastic flavours: the Grain-Free and Wholesome Chicken Chow and the Grain-Free and Wholesome Mutton Nom Nom. But if you ever find yourself in a dilemma, then there is Mix Magic (because why choose one when you can have them all)? So Mix Magic is where you will find all our meat-based meals packed in a bunch. Finally, when starting out, you may want to do so with the Trial Pack (all 4 meals in packets of 200 gms each), meant to help you decide which one of our Meals your doggo drools over the most.

And now that we’ve introduced you to our Meals, let’s zoom in on their ingredients, the nutrients in them and their benefits. 

  1. Chicken/Organs & Mutton/Organs: As lean meats, chicken and mutton organs are the ultimate protein powerhouses in the world of canine nutrition. As such, protein helps in building muscle mass, and whatever proteins get left behind are used by the canine body to pump up energy. The Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids found in both chicken and mutton organs will help improve your pooch’s bones and keep their skin and goat glowing. PetChef bases two of its Meals on chicken since white meat ranks as one of the highest dietary sources of amino acids. On the other hand, mutton contains four out of the eight essential minerals like iron, phosphorus, zinc alongside the vitamin B12. Mutton actually contains these micronutrients in greater quantities than chicken. Did you know that lamb liver is increasingly being thought of as a superfood? This is not to say that chicken organs fare less when it comes to being healthy (oh no)! We’ll delve deeper into these in our discussion of PetChef’s Supper Topper and Chicken Jerky Treat below! For now, you may keep in mind that since chicken/organs are higher in protein and lower in calories (yes!) regular, overweight and senior dogs will find our chicken-based Meals more beneficial for them. On the other hand, you can opt for our Mutton-based Meals for your young pup or an overactive dog who will benefit from the greater fat content found in mutton meat and organs. 
  2. Brown Rice: Most of the nutrients present in brown rice are present in the bran and germ, the two layers that get removed when it is manufactured into its white variant. Some of the ones that are retained in brown rice include fibre (to feed the good bacteria in your pooch’s gut); carbohydrates (some amount of which are needed as an energy-source) and minerals like manganese (to absorb proteins and carbs) as well as magnesium (for cardiac health). At PetChef, we always keep in mind diabetic/obese dogs (or those at risk). So brown Rice’s low glycemic index ensures that it is safe for them. And as for obesity, the brown rice in our Meals will leave you doggy  feeling satiated (i.e. reluctant to indulge in those untimely treats).
  3. Carrots: Did you know that feeding your doggy carrots in the cooked form is a better way to utilise their nutrients?. Cooked carrots are better because carrot cells are made up of a thin wall of cellulose, which the canine body is ill-equipped to metabolise. Including carrots in our PetChef’s Meals empowers us to help your pet achieve and maintain superior sight and also to care for weight, heart and skin. Carrots are also low-fat and high-fibre. Amongst other tasks, you can count on carrots to handle bone reconstruction (in case of breakage/surgery) and (white-blood) cell growth
  4. Pumpkin: There are so many reasons why we think including pumpkins in our Meals is a great idea. For example, did you know that pumpkins are almost as good for the eyes as carrots? This is because they are filled with the vitamins A, C, E and copper. Pumpkin’s high-water content will ensure your dog’s skin and coat never lose out their smoothness. As such, eating food with pumpkin can help in skin allergies as well as if your dog suffers from acid reflux. Research has also found out that it can destroy the parasites that often make their home in your pooch’s tummy. Finally, how can we ignore pumpkin’s naturally sweet taste that makes our Meals as delicious as they come! 
  5. Peas: Like many fruits or vegetables, peas contain a good amount of water that will keep your pet hydrated. Like carrots, peas are also low in calories and high in fibre. They also provide a great way for your dog to benefit from the vitamins A and C, both of them natural wound-healers. Peas harbour a fair amount of minerals such as zinc (a protector of your doggy’s eyesight); potassium (to rein in those muscle contractions which can be brought on by severe allergies, dehydration, etc) and iron (to achieve a brain-body detox by promoting better sleep). 
  6. Sweet Potato: Just as brown rice is way more preferable than its white counterpart, so too are sweet potatoes better than the regular ones.While the latter can be more filling, sweet potatoes contain more vitamins and fibre. Even their glycemic index is low and they’re high on the natural sugar needed by your pooch’s body. These two factors make them especially favourable for senior dogs whose energy levels can be hard to maintain, especially if they’re also diabetic.The vitamin C in them may help shorten the duration of the common cold that sometimes gets to your doggo.
  7. Coconut Oil: Not only does this ingredient make the texture of every PetChef Meal super-smooth, but it performs a similar role inside your doggy’s body. Rich as it is with fatty acids and healthy saturated fats, coconut oil helps in: improving digestion, immunity and cognitive function (thanks to its ketones that supply more energy to the brain). The lauric acid (found only in vegetable fats like coconut oil) helps control acne-causing bacteria and even the inflammation they cause.
  8. Turmeric: Did you know that after over 6000 studies pursuing the benefits of this spice for dogs and human alike, the conclusion reached is that turmeric’s therapeutic powers can compete (and actually win over) the following drugs: arthritic, steroids, anti-inflammatory, drugs for IBD (inflammatory bowel disease), etc. And the best part? Curcumin, the compound that endows turmeric with all the superpowers, produces zero side effects, unlike many of the steroids prescribed to many dogs for joint and bone pain. Need we say more! 
  9. Egg Shell Powder: Just like eggs, their shells also contain calcium, a nutrient particularly important for pups, pregnant and lactating dogs and (senior) dogs suffering from weak bones. But not just your pooch’s bones, their joints will also be looked after when they will consume the egg shell powder found in PetChef’s Meals. This is because hidden inside the eggshell membrane lie amazing amounts of glucosamine, chondroitin and collagen: the three most important substances found in joint supplements.
  10. Bone Broth: Each PetChef Meal is prepared in bone broth. Nothing can beat bone broth when it comes to being a healthy, tasty and easy to digest dog food, thanks to the presence of all the important nutrients in it. From caring for your pet’s immunity, digestive and blood circulation systems to improving their bone density and joint health (and doing much else more), bone broth is absolutely necessary for your dog’s overall well-being. We’ll find out more about this in our discussion of PetChef’s 24-Hour Bone Broth below. 

2. PetChef’s Supper Topper

We get it: some of you pet parents out there may wish to feed your furry friend home-cooked meals. But is it possible that you are looking for a way to turn these meals into their most healthy and tasty versions possible? If yes, then that is just when our Supper Topper enters the picture (or your home-cooked meal)! Here’s an added bonus: you could squeeze a dash of our Supper Topper on your pet’s kibble too, to make it that much healthier, wetter and way more appetising and aromatic. Bulging with the goodness of chicken organ meat (whose nutrients far exceed those of muscle meat), the Super Topper consists of:  

  1. Chicken Heart: Chicken (as we saw above) is all things protein. So feeding your pet this protein source will supply them with the amino acids the cells of their hair, skin, muscles, nails, tendons and ligaments need to grow. Chicken heart also contains the B2, 6 & 12 vitamins, the latter two being the “neurotropic” vitamins as they aid in healing nerve damage (and the numbness and tingling caused by it). On the other hand, B2 or riboflavin is needed by the body to convert B6 into a usable form. Chicken heart also contains linoleic acid, an Omega-6 fatty acid, generally considered to be the most essential fatty acid for dogs.
  2. Chicken Liver: Higher in protein and lower in calories than ANY other animal liver, chicken liver is a treat for dogs’ taste buds as well as the rest of their body. Some of the minerals found in the liver include: zinc (for protein synthesis), iron (to make haemoglobin and myoglobin- the protein that provides oxygen to muscles), copper (helping the body absorb iron), etc. Choline, which is neither a vitamin nor a mineral, is uniquely found in chicken liver and is useful in regulating fluid levels in the body.
  3. Chicken Gizzards: The gizzard is a small muscle located in a bird’s stomach,  necessary to digest seeds. In dogs, the high phosphorus in chicken gizzards will help strengthen bones, while also maintaining a healthy pH balance. Niacin (B3) will lower cholesterol and ease arthritic pain. Even the collagen obtained from gizzards is similar to the one found in canine connective tissues and bones. In case your doggy is anemic, the iron and B12 in chicken gizzards will minimise the resultant fatigue. Selenium is another anti-oxidation, pro-immunity mineral found in gizzards (and organs meat in general). 

3. Chicken Jerky Treat:

Are you on the lookout for a drool-inducing snack that can work as a treat or a training tool for your pup? Or is your overactive, adult doggy making you wonder what more you can feed them to keep up that zippiness? Or maybe your senior doggy’s increasing apathy towards their regular meals has you half-dead with worry.

Whatever may be the reason, PetChef has you covered. Chicken Jerky Treat is the kind of dream snack that is loved not only by dogs (for being so tasty) but also by their parents (for being so healthy). You will never find any fillers, animal by-products or chemicals in PetChef’s Chicken Jerky Treat.

What you will find instead is the one single ingredient with which it is prepared. And that is…

  1. Chicken Breast: And what’s the best thing about it? There are actually two: 1. It contains zero carbohydrates, so the glycemic index of it is zilch! 2. The breast has the highest concentration of protein than any other chicken organ/part. For this very reason, a small serving (50 gms per packet) will make your pooch feel full (like a good snack should). Chicken breast also contains good amounts of tryptophan, an amino acid which helps the brain synthesise serotonin, reduce stress and aggression as well as produce melatonin, a sleep-inducing hormone.

4. PetChef’s 24-Hour Bone Broth:

Thanks to its multiple medicinal properties, bone broth has achieved somewhat of a cult status in the world of canine (and feline) nutrition. Really, what could be more appropriate for raising a super-dog than a bowl of animal stock, bursting with nearly every macro/micro nutrient needed to make and maintain a super-healthy body?

Broths made by simmering chicken bones for over 12 hours are the common deal. But what sets PetChef’s Bone Broth apart is the fact that it contains both chicken and goat bones, tendons and ligaments, all cooked for over 24 hours in water (to extract the utmost collagen and marrow ). Finally, the herbs and apple cider vinegar that we add to our bone broth make it more nutritious than ever before. Not only this, they also spruce up its taste to the nth degree! So that you need never worry about fussy eating around PetChef’s 24-Hour Bone Broth

Let us now go through the ingredients and their nutrients that make bone broth the superfood it is! 

  1. Chicken & Goat Bones, Tendons, Ligaments: These comprise the bulk of our bone broth and for a good reason. Apart from having the micronutrients that we have already seen forming part of our other products, bone broth also contains the vitamins D and K, the latter needed for blood clotting and bone-building. Moreover, animal bones and tendons are known to have high levels of glycine, a neurotransmitter needed to produce glutathione, which is an antioxidant that will protect your pet against heavy metal exposure. The presence of glucosamine, chondroitin and hyaluronic acid in the stock should render it very healthy for canine joint cartilages that wear away over time (if you wish to know how a proper diet can promote canine joint health, click here). And thanks to glutamine (which also helps against leaky gut syndrome), feeding your pet bone broth will take care of their hydration and appetite as well.
  2. Apple Cider Vinegar & Herbs: Apple cider vinegar is less acidic than other vinegars and while we primarily use it in our bone broth to extract nutrients from the other ingredients and for its taste, ACV can also benefit your dog directly. For example, thanks to its own low pH, ACV will help stabilise your dog’s pH (improving digestion), fight bladder stones and help keep urinary tract infection at bay. Herbs, too, with their anti/fungal/bacterial/parasitic properties will help your doggy arm up against a number of conditions, including inflammation, indigestion, nausea, diarrhoea, etc.

As you must have noticed, all of PetChef’s products incorporate as many animal parts (the organs, the meat, the bones, etc) as it is healthily possible. This nose-to-tail approach not only imparts a high nutritional value to our food, but also ensures zero wastage. 

Lastly, we would like to assure you, dear reader and pet parent, that in none of our products will you ever find any substance that is normally deemed to be dog-inappropriate like salt, onion, garlic, etc. And as far as storing the food prepared inside our Kitchen is concerned, you have nothing to worry about on that front either, since we use retort packaging for all our products. The same technology as is used by astronauts to keep their food fresh, retort packaging will safeguard your dog’s food for over 2 years. 

And now that you know each one of our products from the inside out, what better way of using all this knowledge than by heading over to our Shop? Here, we are eagerly waiting to share with you all the nutritious and delicious foods that we have been talking about and that your pet more than deserves!