Retort Packaging: From Space Missions to your Doggie’s Bowl

Retort Packaging: From Space Missions to your Doggie’s Bowl

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Have you ever wondered how food is carried into space for astronauts? 

As I’m sure you can imagine, there is no question of cooking food in space. The only viable option is pre-cooked meals. However, re-supply of meals only takes place about once every two months. So exactly how do these pre-cooked meals stay fresh in space for such a long time? Is everything always refrigerated?

The answer lies in this technological wonder called Retort Packaging. Retort pouches are flexible multi-layered pouches into which semi-cooked or fully cooked meals are sealed. Then these sealed pouches are sterilized using heat and pressure to ensure that all microorganisms in the food are utterly destroyed. Food tends to spoil because microorganisms like bacteria, yeast, molds, etc. grow in or on them. By destroying these microorganisms in a pre-sealed packet, it becomes possible to ensure that the food inside remains fresh for as long as 24 months without any refrigeration or preservatives while retaining its nutritional value, taste and aroma! So, that’s how astronauts get to eat fully nutritious and tasty, freshly-cooked meals while on missions in space.

Would you believe that we are now using the same technology to bring freshly cooked meals for our four-legged friends? Yes, we are! Pet Chef meals bring together the goodness of muscle and organ meat, high nutrition vegetables and all natural supplements that are then cooked in the magical potion of bone broth to create a finely balanced meal that provides your doggies with all the micro and macro nutrients they need. We put these meals together and get them into retort pouches which are then treated to heat and pressure to ensure that all the nutrition gets sealed inside and stays fresh. So now you have highly nutritious, freshly cooked meals for your furry friends that can be stored for 2 years without any preservatives or refrigeration! All you have to do is cut open and serve! Only once you have opened the pouch, if you need to store the food, you will need to refrigerate it in an air-tight container and consume within 24 hours.

So, what are you waiting for? Forget about the hassle of storing frozen food in your freezer and try out a freshly cooked Pet Chef Meal for your doggies now! That way you get to also avoid feeding preservative-laden processed dry food to your best friend.