Why Freshly Made Food

Well-balanced & Nutritious

Customised to meet the
nutritional needs of your pets.

No Refrigeration Required

Packed using cutting edge
space technology. Just open
and serve.


Ingredients that are fit for human consumption. The
best there is.

Tasty & Easy-to-Digest

Contains Natural Ingredients
that taste great and aid
digestion & absorption.

No Preservatives

No Additives, No Added
Chemicals, No Artificial

Vet Recommended

Approved by vets in India and abroad as a healthy meal for our pets.

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Our Super Ingredient:
24-Hour Bone Broth

The therapeutic & medicinal history of Bone Broth, that enhances overall health, nutrition & taste, makes it a powerful natural superfood for dogs. We make it by simmering bones and cartilage for 24-hours to extract all their nutrients and benefits. Try it today!

Excellent Joint Health

Great Skin & Hair

Healthy Gut

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About Us

Nayan, Akshay, and Nakul joined forces after realizing the challenge of finding fresh, nutritious food for their furry friends. Nayan's firsthand experience with the benefits of fresh food inspired us, while Akshay and Nakul's desire to feed right despite limitations spurred our collaboration. Together, we're dedicated to making fresh food accessible to every dog in the country.

Google Reviews

Joy Uka

Tinshi & Pari

They love their nom nom meals & it has remained their favourite for over 2yrs now. They also slurp down the bone broth as a special treat ever so often

Shreya Zinzuvadia


Casper has always been a fussy eater. However, with PetChef his response was immediate and enthusiastic. PetChef is Casper approved 😍🐾☺️



I discovered PetChef while strolling at Lil Flea. I’m really very happy with the services, quality of food and packaging. Thank you, PetChef.

Pallavi Gururaja


Neo is a very picky eater with allergies and gut issue. I tried multiple kibble brands and he kept rejecting it. Enter PetChef - Neo’s gut health is good now he is growing well!

Happy Customers Wall

Hansal Mehta

Tyson Mehta loves PetChef meals. He just can't wait to eat! His gut is much healthier and he is a happy boy.

Sudhir Mishra

My two old girls now eat like they were puppies. I recommend PetChef to everyone!

Nidhi Shah

From fussy eater to voracious eater. Also, his energy & coat has never been better.